Fire Alarm and Temperature Monitoring

Fire Alarm

All TCS provides sales and installation services for fire alarms, specializing in fire alarm systems for new building sites.

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Temperature Monitoring

All TCS also provides sales and installation services for temperature monitoring systems, specializing in temperature monitoring systems for government, medical, and food industries. All TCS is also the exclusive provider of temperature monitoring systems for Florida government agencies.


All TCS is a dealer for Sensatronics whose real-time temperature monitoring solution runs continuously to be constantly monitoring your most temperature-sensitive products with the ability to handle sub-zero temperatures. When temperatures threaten your product, Sensatronic's system immediately sends alerts via emails and text messages, so you can take immediate action to prevent a costly product loss.

Sensatronics products feature:

  • Text/Email Alerts: Prompts you to take action
  • Graphs provide insights into temperature trends
  • NIST Certification: Accuracy proof for auditors